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about us
providing all your mandatory, statutory and due diligence training

abcdiligencetraining focus on training courses and qualifications that you invariably "have-to-have, rather than, would-choose-to-have", either as a requirement of statutory legislation, or are considered best practise and recommended by local authorities as a pre-requisite needed to carry out certain roles within a business.

abcdiligencetraining can save you time searching around, as we are a "one-stop-shop" in the provision of all the mandatory, statutory and due diligence training courses. 

In many cases, businesses will go to multiple suppliers of the training courses we deliver.  Going to one supplier creates comfort via consistency and a more personal service.

abcdiligencetraining trainers are not only accredited and proven deliverers of training, but have also worked in that industry sector in which they instruct and so have competence and understanding of the issues you and your business personnel face.


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